Dogs playing pool is a thing now

What can’t dogs do these days?

No seriously, what can’t they do? They can play cards, pull sleds, open the fridge and grab you a beer, even skateboard. 

Now all those skills are pretty unbelievable, but this one really blows all the others out of the park.  Dogs can even play pool now!

Don’t believe me, well check out the quick video of dogs playing on brunswick pool tables below and tell me what you think. 

Pretty amazing right?! I mean how do they even understand how to do this.  Well here is a 5 step guide to teaching your dog to play pool. 

Step #1 – Train him to recognize the different types of balls. 

Place a solid and a stripe in front of your dog and say “solid” if he sniffs the solid ball, give him a treat. If he doesn’t tell him no.  Do this consistently until your dog understand which is which. 

Step #2 – Train him to stand up to the pool table

Get your furry friend to rest his paws on the edge of the pool table with his head over the bannister.  First off, he needs to be big enough to actually do this so if you have a tiiny pooch you are wasting your time.  A newfie will be able to do this no problem.  Reward your precious pet when he goes up onto the pool table. 

Step #3 – Get him to push the ball with his nose

This can be difficult to do and some dogs will pick this up quicker than others. Put a treat on the other side of the ball and wait until your dog pushes the ball across the table. Then reward him. 

Step #4 – Teach your dog the rules

Pool is a difficult game for dogs to comprehend but it can be done. Once he knows the stripes and solids, then you need to show him that getting it in the pocket will get him a treat.  When he touches the ball with his nose, take it with your hand and put it in the pocket. Then reward him.  After a while he will enentually push it into the pocket himself. 

Step #5 – Play the game

If you don’t have a pool partner, get your dog to play the game with you! 

There you have it, how to train your dog to play pool. If you are looking for a pool table I would highly recommend Sanders Recreation and Fitness They have amazing products and a huge selection of pool tables. 

Customized Gel Packs for Canadian Newf Dogs

Canadian Newf Dogs are a large breed of working dog that originated in Canada.  They mainly come in Black or Landseer and for the most part they are very friendly and great around kids. 

Due to their fur being so thick and cuddly, they get very hot in the summer time if they are working or running around playing with other dogs.  With many large dog breeds you can expect them to begin panting quickly and running out of breath.  

These Newf Dogs are mainly built for the cold so in the summer they need somthing to cool them off. has a great selection of customized ice packs for dogs that you can use to put in your dogs bed.  These are amazing for cooling your little pup off when it’s too hot in the summer. 

Canadian summers are extremely hot in some places in Canada.  So these are essential for keeping your k9 family member cool during those hot simmer months.  All you need to do is place the ice pack in the freezer until it’s completely frozen, remove it, and place it in your dog’s bed so he can lay on it comfortably. 

Huskys, Newfs, German Shepherds, and any other large dog with a lot of fur will love these cool gel packs.  You can also use them for yourself to treat injuries and other ailments.  The best part about these hot/cold gel packs is that you can also heat them in the microwave and use them as a heating pad. 

Smaller dogs with thin fur love this.  Use the 10×12″ gel pack and place it in the microwave for a minute to heat it. Then place it on your lap for your small dog to lay on.  It feels amazing on a cold winter day and your little pal will love the warmth that it gives off. 

You can also use the smaller cold packs to treat any injuries that your dog has.  If it rolls an ankle or injures itself while playing with other dogs then you can freeze this pack and apply it to the injured area to reduce swelling and numb the pain.  Your best friend will thank you for buying custom ice packs.